Having heard very little about active Disney communities, I decided something just now.

First of all, I definitely don't have time to keep running this community as before BUT I hope there are some people out there still interested in the Disney fandom, especially with Frozen coming out in just a couple of weeks. That being said, I would love to restart this or start a new community to brighten the Disney fandom/icondom somewhat. My two ideas are either to restart disney2020 in a reduced format or (given there are people who have more experience in !verses and could assist) a reduced version of a "disneyverse".

I don't really know if this is just nostalgia speaking or if I can realistically handle a community again but I thought I'd just ask first: Are there any people still interested in this community?

Please let me know!

Would you like to see something/anything happen in the Disney fandom?

YES, and I would definitely participate!
Sounds interesting but no time to participate.
Not really, I've moved on.

* * * * * *

In the meantime, here is a promotion for a new community started by divachic04!