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welcome to disney 20in20

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the community.
Welcome to disney2020, inspired by communities like tvfilm20 and celeb20in20. Each month members will claim a movie/character/pairing/group... etc. to icon 20 icons in 20 days. Winners will be nominated at wd_awards. However, due to space constraints, not all icons will be nominated.

the rules.
1. please join the community in order to enter the icons.
2. you must have personally made all your submissions.
3. icons must be 100x100 and under 40kb. (PNG, JPEG or GIF.)
4. submissions must have been made for the challenge specifically.

tags page

the schedule.
20TH: icons are due
20-28TH: voting and sign-up for next round
END OF MONTH: winners announced, new round starts.

each round consists of three parts:
A) i. 5 interpretive themes // ii. 5 technical themes
B) 1 theme that will need to be applied to five icons.
C) 5 themes that the iconmaker will choose.

banner maker.
If you would like to become a banner maker, please click here.

To all bannermakers, please make the banners either 300x100px or 300x150px.

disney affiliates.
If you would like to become our affiliate, please click here.
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20 in 20 affiliates.
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If you would like to become our affiliate, please click here.

THANK YOU and most importantly, have fun!
if you would like to leave any suggestions or comments, please click here.